Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. Creating a statement with neutrality

Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez is an award-winning architecture and design studio headquartered in Milan, with a subsidiary office in Shanghai. Founded in 1984 by Matteo Thun, the company operates internationally in the hospitality, healthcare, residential, office and retail sectors, as well as product design.

In partnership with Spanish designer Antonio Rodriguez since 2003, this highly acclaimed firm believes in an approach they call 'Zero design' - a rejection of design as an issue of taste, and the adoption of timeless simplicity as their strategy. They always search for the ‘iconic form’ and create things that people can understand intuitively.

Jaquar's technical expertise and state of the art manufacturing ability meant that there was absolutely no compromise on any aspect of Lagunas design.
Matteo Thun

According to Matteo Thun

"The strength of Jaquar is high quality - quality of design, quality of materials and the quality to implement an all-over design-vision."

Antonio Rodriguez

Antonio Rodriguez quotes

They translated and realised the entire design concept to a hundred percent. We are very happy to collaborate with a brand of excellence. We trust them and they trust us!

Built on avision of uncompromising excellence.


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