The Complexity of Simplicity

What happens when one of the fastest growing bath brands in the world entrusts an award-winning Italian design house to create a product line that can stand the test of time?

The answer is Laguna – a timeless and classic design that reduces familiar shapes into a beautifully simple, perfectly styled silhouette that transcends fashion. And yet, is a holistic collection with every opportunity for customisation and individual expression.

The overall vision behind Laguna was to design, for a global audience, a collection that makes a neutral, timeless, style statement. Laguna stands on the pillars of Simplicity, Durability, Neutrality, Sustainability and Modularity


The designer intends to focus on natural acceptance of the design in the form of a product by reducing what is not necessary


Design which blends with every space and mood. A Toolbox for space designer to have variety of opportunities by changing finish and environment by combining different elements to achieve modularity.


A design that has aesthetic longevity (in trend for long period) and longer life from the point of superior material quality.


Design conceived and executed in the infrastructure which is Zero waste and emissions (Lead Platinum Factory). A setup with a belief in uncompromising quality, process and systems.

Product carrying advance water flow regulators for long terms water saving solutions.

Use of optimum and standardized material composition as per defined best in class quality standards.


Laguna Faucets are available in 8 colour options with single and dual tone shades. Choose the way you want to as it allows flexibility and variety in use.

The elegant Laguna products are available in a range of FAUCETS, CERAMICS and WELLNESS!

"The complexity of simplicity", as Matteo Thun defines it, is the search for a design solution that offers - enduring simplicity of form, in a cohesive collection of materials, colours and combinations that create wonderful opportunities for magnificently finished spaces. Found only in the simplicity of Laguna!

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