The versatility of Laguna. Material, form, color, and combinations

Single Colour

  • Chrome (CHR)

  • Gold Matt PVD (GMP)

  • Black Matt (BLM)

  • Black Chrome (BCH)

  • Gold Bright PVD (GBP)

Dual Colour

  • Gold Matt / Black Matt (BGM)

  • Black Chrome / Black Matt (BBC)

  • Gold Bright / Gold Matt (GMG)

How to order product with color shades

If you wish to place orders for the different colour finishes of this range shown above, just replace the colour code in the middle of the product code with the colour code of your choice. For instance, in the product code LAG-CHR-91011B, ‘CHR’ notes Chrome Finish. If you wish to order the same product in Black Matt finish, replace ‘CHR’ with ‘BLM’. Thus the product code will be LAG-BLM-91011B.

Note: The finishes depicted here are only indicative and may differ from that on the actual product.

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